A Diner with a History


                     As corporate chain restaurants monopolies the city, family owned diners struggle to stand their ground. The competition is tough and many family run restaurants have been forced to throw in the towel and pack up their things. However among the corporate monsters, hovers a small Greek, family owned diner that has managed to stay in the rink longer then twelve rounds.  Dundas Street Grille has been around for over 75 years and they do not planning on going anywhere, any time soon.
Dundas Street Grille, located outside of Kipling station, is a diner with a history. The family owned business has been passed down from father to son for over two generations. Although the interior has changed and the menu has been tweaked the hospitality has stayed the same. The friendly atmosphere filled with laughter and kindness may just be the secret behind the diners success.

   “I used to come here with my parents, and now I come with my children. The environment is always so friendly. It’s hard to find a place now a days where you feel like family rather than just another customer paying the bill.” Anne, a loyal customer, stated.

Anne, like many other customers, has been dinning at Dundas Street Grille for many years.  Her description of the diner is exactly the kind of environment the owner ,George , has worked hard to uphold .


“The vision behind Dundas Street Grille was to make it a home away from away from home. It was intended to be the place you take your family for Sunday brunch, or the place to drop by to have your morning paper as you skim the newspaper!”  George, Dundas Street owner, rejoiced.

It seems a “home away from home” is the only appropriate explanation behind the early Sunday morning line ups that form outside the joint.  Regardless the secret behind the diners success, all that matters is that it is one of the few family owned restaurants dedicated to serving the public. Luckily for the city Dundas Street Grille, a diner with history, plans to stick around for another seventy five years


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