Bottled Up

This is a poem I had written a couple years ago. It was published and printed in about 500 books. When I presented the poem, I had slow music playing in the background and the words flowed with the beat.

This poem fuelled me to dedicate 4 years working with the Free The Children organization. Where I was granted the marvelous opportunity of participating in multiple MetoWe events in Toronto.

Democratic Republic of the Congo - Conflict - Ethnic Tensions

Bottled Up

They leave in fear
They cry at night
Warfare and guns
Are their guardians tonight.

Pulled into a corner
unable to move
Agony and pain
Torment them through

Uniforms and tanks
Are all they see
Forever tortured
Never free

Smog starts to lift
And moves into their heads
It’s whispering nothing to them
But lonely, desperate threats

Telling them their fortune
of doom and grief
Unless they join the army,
They shall never have peace

Government’s powers
Are pitiless and strong
The powerful beast
Believes its doings, no wrong

It separates the mothers, from their sons
Merely taking the baby cubs and shooting them down
Then those who plea and don’t agree
Are hung on a rope and killed to receive obedience from the lively

The population’s prayers
Are never heard
For our tremendous countries
Send back no words

All we do is bomb
Violate and kill,
We should be ashamed
But we we block out our subconscious, with all our will

We are death in human form
We are the bug spray who kills
Just to receive the land we long for
The one we wish to conceive

Every Step that we take
Is a life of a child
Every weapon made
Is yet another cry

We look at each other
And we never care
For in our beloved lives
We have never experienced, warefare

We take up our time
Watching T.V.
We don’t bother to watch the news
For we have movies to see

We are mindless
Inhuman, uncaring and untrue
And to make ourselves feel better
We say :”There is nothing I could do”

Try to prove this wrong
By pulling out phony facts
Block yourself in your own world
That is what you are doing now as a matter of a fact

And don’t try to bore me with your problems
For you are blind to see
There are children out there
Starving to death, they too had dreams

These are the last words
I hope they haunt you at night
And may one day we all realize
We shall take out our weapons and burn them all at once

The devil will then be overcome
And out people all safe,
Peace will walk among us
and the light, shall awake

Charles Taylor found guilty of aiding rebels in war crimesUganda - Child Fighters Re-habilitation CentreCentral African Republic - Child soldiers


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