Think Before You Click !

imagesSJCLAJB0   The era of social media is at its peak. In the click of a button we have access to resources, information, ideas and people. Social media allows us to instantly connect with one another sharing concepts, concerns, complaints and compliments. We have the world at our finger tips and we can reach out to thousands of people with the ease of a single keystroke.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. The wonderful benefits of social media can have devastating consequences if misused. It seems common sense is not that common. People forget to realize that everything they post can have a severe impact on their personal reputation, company brand and overall future. Hence the internet line “think before you click” comes into play.

We need to be reminded that everything typed into our computers, tablets and smart phones (private message, email, text, snapchat, comment etc.) is assumed public. YES, PUBLIC! There is ALWAYS a possibility that an employer, coworker, family member or hacker can gain access to your social media posts. Far too often I see many people posting intimate and highly inappropriate things via snapchat, instagram, twitter or facebook.  Thus I have created the 10 golden rules of social media….



I do not know what it is with people posting about every aspect of their relationship. THE WHOLE INTERNET DOES NOT NEED TO KNOW THE FIGHT YOU HAD WITH YOUR PARTNER OR FRIEND. A relationship is between two people and it should stay that way. Ranting on social media just gives people an immediate right to judge and discuss you and whoever else is involved. This isn’t helpful or healthy for your relationship and only complicates it further. Discuss your problems with the person or rant to your best friend. Otherwise, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF


I REALLY do not understand what is with this new trend of posting half naked sexualized photos for likes. REMEMBER EVERYTHING YOU POST ON ANY PLATFORM IS ASSUMED PUBLIC. Being used as an icon of desire and fantasy by a bunch of creeps on the internet is NOT something you should be proud of. Let’s keep in mind employers, teenagers and children are also using social media. The best way to think about this is, if it’s not a photo you can show to your family members or employers during dinner DON’T POST IT.


…..Now this is where common sense is not very common in young adults. Vices such as drugs and alcohol are not something to frolic and be proud of. No one is delighted or fascinated to see you indulging in your bad side. If it’s illegal or considered inappropriate WHY WOULD YOU POST IT PUBLICALLY??? This absolutely is mind boggling to me. No one needs to see your friends or you passed out from binge partying. In fact it’s embarrassing and destructive to your reputation. What you do on your off time should be private, your life is not a TMZ reel.

reading a laptop
Alright this can be a very slippery slope. Your personal opinion only matters when asked for it. Otherwise, keep it to yourself. However, if you feel the burning urge to post about a controversial issue, make sure your facts are straight and with factual basis. You should expect people to question your opinions thus be prepared for interrogations and counterarguments. But to play it safe keep your personal opinions to yourself. Save the heated discussions for conversations in person.

Boasting about your wealth and goods absolutely attracts no positive reactions. In fact it can make one seem very conceded and materialistic. On top of everything it can put a target on your back. Burglars, thieves and robbers use social media too. It makes life easier for them. By posting specific details about leaving on vacation or your wealth you just put yourself at risk to being a victim to their crime. Seems a bit over exaggerated, but majority of burglaries aren’t random nowadays. Just food for thought.

It makes sense to make fun of our close friends especially when we know they won’t be annoyed or irritated by it. However, doing so you should realize there is a high probability they will reimburse you with something far more embarrassing than what you posted. If you wouldn’t want to have that posted about you on the internet don’t post about them. Most common example is snapchatting friends inebriated. Firstly, they can’t consent to anything in that state. Secondly, it can severely embarrass them. Lastly, you are the company you keep so if people see your friends in that state they can only imagine you are similar.


I’ve had this happen to a couple of my artistic friends. They have posted ideas, pictures and works of art on social media without having their names stamped on it. Remember it’s the internet if your name isn’t on it people will quickly jump at the opportunity of stealing your idea/work without giving you any credit. It really is that simple.


THERE IS A REASON THIS PERSON MESSAGED YOU PRIVATELY. The message was intended for you not for the World Wide Web. If it’s a private matter don’t post about it publically, especially without the other persons permission. If you so need to post it, common courtesy would be to black out the persons number or name so no one will know who the conversation is with. It’s just plain disrespectful and really says more about you than them.

personal opinions9.OVERSHARING
Hello Twitter world ! Like I said you are not a Kardashian and this is not a reality tv show. No one needs to know that you binge partied for 7 days straight or that ( I quote from an actual tweet I recently saw) you and your friends snap each other nudes. Believe me it’s not necessary for anyone to know and you probably could have kept that to yourself. Be smart about what you post.

Alright maybe this should have been number 1. I kid you not when I say I once had a friend email out her social insurance number to someone. It blows my mind the amount of personal information people put out on the internet such as home address, phone numbers and banking information. LET’S REMEMBER THE KEY WORD PERSONAL in PERSONAL INFORMATION. It should be kept confidential. If you’re going to share these things you should expect identity theft. I really have nothing more to add to this….. this should be common knowledge …


So the next time you hit post again, I urge you to reflect on the 10 golden rules above. This is very similar to thinking before you speak …. although, that too seems to be a concept many people do not grasp..


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