Why I Always Give Second Chances


Many argue that second chances are for the naive and foolish. However, I can’t help but strongly disagree. My position may stem from my educational background. In my field of work you always give students a second chance to redeem themselves. A second chance so they can try their hardest and improve the best they can. I’ve incorporated this school of thought into my everyday life.

Imagine you were given a second chance at everything you’ve ever done in your life, would you take it ? I would. Not because I’ve screwed things up the first time ( which occasionally I have) but because I believe the second time around you’re more knowledgeable and humble.


I believe when life presents you with the same scenario twice, it’s allowing you to correct yourself. It allows you to use your previous mistakes as learning opportunities. It gives leeway for self improvement allowing you to get a better grasp on the situation. A second chance is a miracle in disguise.

How many times have you met someone you disliked only later to learn what an intricate, interesting individual they were. How many times have you realized a first impression was terribly wrong ? Imagine how many relationships and friendships could have been restored by giving a second chance? A second chance to gain a better understanding of each other. A second chance where you’ve acknowledged your mistakes in hopes to change things for the better.

Group of happy business people clapping their hands

Imagine your boss fired you after your first mishap.  If you didn’t receive a second chance at redemption you would have never achieved certain milestones you have in your career. Imagine if you didn’t listen to that song more then once then your playlist wouldn’t have been as “fire” as it is.


It’s the irony of life, you think the first time is the only time. You believe the first time is the best time, that the first time is the most important time. You’re so obsessed with getting things right from the get-go you give up on things or yourself too easily when it doesn’t work out. You embellish  the thought the first time around determines the way things will stem forth.

Haven’t you ever wanted a second chance ? A second opportunity to do things differently and achieve a different outcome. Weren’t there certain moments in your life you wish you could rewind ? Even though I have very few regrets in my lifetime, I’ve never regretted giving someone or something a second chance. I always end up either learning a crucial life lesson or gaining a benefit. Sometimes things make more sense the second time around.


I believe that change is the only constant. People change, surroundings change, you change, the universe around us changes. We can’t keep ourselves confined to first chances only. If we did everything only once then Walt Disney wouldn’t have succeeded and Einstein wouldn’t have changed the face of modern physics.

Everything is better the second time around. Second chances teach you wisdom, patience, forgiveness and courage. They let you reflect on the past and adapt to things with more understanding and grace.

Second chances allow you to be a better student, friend, parent or partner. They give you a second chance at self improvement and a fresh start.

So give yourself a second chance. Give your career a second chance. Give your parents a second chance. Give your friendship a second chance. Give your relationship a second chance. Give happiness a second chance, because then you’re giving life a second chance.

Be it coincidence, déjà vu or destiny, life will put you in the same scenario twice but it’s what you do the second time around that counts!

Cheers, Sof



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