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“Remember how you used to look at someone who was 20 and think wow they’re an adult….well now we’re all here…kind of just fumbling around not sure what we’re doing….looking for food…”

Hey it’s me Sofiya, a 2o-something- year old brunette sporadically blogging about

Dream Dinner Guest: Edgar Allen Poe … just to find out why he was so miserable and morbid…or Scott F Fitzgerald

Guilty Pleasures: Eating nutella out of the jar with a spoon… or putting a song on full blast in the car and going all out lip sync to it….

Words To Live By: You can’t control things, just try your best..that’s all you can do

Fave Movie: The Holiday

Biggest Regret: honestly.. crying about things that literally don’t matter a year or two later..

Trait I Value Most In Others: Loyalty

Trait I Value Most In Myself: Open-mindedness

Fave Fruit: Star fruit….always willing to try any odd fruit that I’ve never tried before…

Best Date: Something completely spontaneous and adventurous

Dream Vacation: Cliff jumping somewhere in Santorini, Greece and then enjoying drinks while sun bathing

Fave Genre of Books: Anything and everything that has to do with psychology or sociology. I absolutely love dissecting why people interact a certain way. Why do we feel what we feel? What effects our thought process? What are the consequences of different social classes? etc.

Why Do You Write What You Write: Honestly, majority of my posts have been inspired  by everyday conversations I have with people. The posts are usually based on my experiences and people who have shared their stories with me. I take great interest in social behaviour and interaction. I love analyzing social theories and seeing how accurate they are when it comes to human behaviour. If you know me, you know I ‘m super curious. Thus, I conduct my own research and write in hopes of answering the questions I have regarding social behaviours and norms. If my perspective on things helps answer other peoples questions on the matter, then great! However, all of our perspectives are shaped and formed by different things. I think that’s why I write; to get people to think, get the ideas flowing and see things from different perspectives…. honestly sometimes I wish I did my undergrad in psychology..



One thought on “About

  1. Hi Sofiya _ I saw your comment on Madeline’s blog so decided I would come check you out. I like this about me page… nice to see a little more than the standard! I write quite a bit about relationships and dating (and sex!) so am looking forward to perusing your posts.


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